Why Businesses must Consider Outsourcing Call Center Services?

If you search the keyword “CALL CENTRE OUTSOURING” google hits you up with 41,80,000 results. Go ahead, Try it. You will also find tons of searches related to call center outsourcing like call center outsourcing pricing, vendors, contracts etc. What exactly is call center outsourcing and why has it become such a big deal in this IT dominant world of ours?

Call center outsourcing is a phrase used to describe the act of looking for assistance, outside an organization for all or part of a call center function. A third party is usually signed on a contract basis by an organization and the said organization outsources its call center to the party that can be located anywhere in the world.

Why outsourcing?

The sole purpose of starting any business is to make profit and at the same time provide customer satisfaction. Call center outsourcing thrives on these two key points. Let’s take an example of a company that produces electrical appliances. The appliances produced by the company are top of the line and sell like hot cakes. Any company that wants to make it big in the market and take the world by the storm MUST have a public relation firm that deals with customer services functions. This is where call centers come into the picture. Let’s say the aforementioned firm has outsourced call center services. This will benefit that company in following ways:

• Cost benefits: if the company is planning to have its own call center, it should have enough resources to find, train and hire the employees. Other monetary expenses like salary, medical benefits, insurance, and technology costs also exist. But by opting for call center outsourcing the company can cut onto these expenses and hire a third party to have this function taken care of.

• Customer satisfaction: since most of the call centers are outsourced to countries with totally different time zones customers get support around the clock. Also, these outsourced call centers have trained employees and workers who have expertise in dealing with clients throughout the globe, clients get A grade and sleek quality of service.

• Increased focus on the key operations: we took an example of a company that produces electrical appliances. If the company opt for call center outsourcing it can concentrate on the core function of the business that is, producing electrical appliances only. Thus, becoming more productive. The third party outsourcing firm that it had hired, will take care of the public relations.

• Ease of expansion: this is how word of mouth spreads. Let’s say the aforementioned electrical appliances company is based in USA but has outsourced its call center in India. The people living in India will come to know about this USA based company through the employees working in its call center and through the people involved in the whole process. Thereby, providing the company with an option of expanding in a different country where people are aware of the company’s products and services.

• Reduced risk: if the outsourcing firm is not performing its function to the satisfaction level as demanded by the company, the company can end the contract with the firm and move onto some other firm. It also motivates the outsourcing firm to stick to the production and satisfaction level it had promised. Thus, promoting better quality of service and ensuring healthier working terms on the outsourcing firm’s end.

Big multinational companies and million dollar firms outsource their call centers to underdeveloped countries where labor is cheap and abundant to achieve enormous expenses reduction. This trend of call center outsourcing has gained some negative feedback, courtesy, lack of training among the call center employees, language and cultural barrier between the client and the offshore caller, and most importantly lack of customer proximity.

Many companies are coming up with solutions to counter these shortcomings in order to provide the best services to the customers, both in terms of quality and standard and with the proximity that the customer needs. Hence, more and more companies have started to look towards India, where the call center industry is well established and flourishing, with years of experience and worldwide norms of technical and cultural sophistication.

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