Prominent Omni-Channel Customer Service Trends

Omni-channel has emerged as the rule for customer experience these days, but does your brand know how best to engage your customers? It’s not enough to know which channels they use; however, what matters is understanding how they interact with your brand.

Here are some of the prominent Omni-channel customer service trends every call centre should recognise in order to deliver great experiences:

Research online and purchase in brick and mortar stores

With a dramatic change in the market dynamics, more and more people have taken an online route towards researching an offering, but that does not imply that brick and mortar stores have becoming a thing of the past. As per the research conducted by many leading call centres India and other Asian counterparts, online shoppers have utilized services offering purchase online and pick up in store subsequently. The research also showcased a visible difference in the lifetime value of the products purchased from multiple channels against those purchased from a single channel, with the ones from multiple channels leading the charge.  Additionally, many call centres have also recommended their clients to optimise the mobile experience for customers with a live chat option or dedicated messaging app for service to better serve customers already in store.

Focus on delivering a simpler and a better experience

Many call centres India, Bangladesh and Indonesia have suggested their clients to keep their offerings to the customers focused towards keeping the experience simple and straightforward. Customers often expect a seamless experience regardless of the type of channel they use. The findings by these call centres also suggest that more than half of the shoppers consider convenience as their number one priority before they consider making a purchase. It is important on the part of every organisation to make sure that the customers are directed towards the most qualified agents when they switch channels. It is important to provide the customers with timely receipts after their purchase, and empower them with self-service features that enable them to save time.

Optimisation in mobile technology is a must

With the leading call centres India and other Asian counterparts conducting extensive research on consumer behavior, this has emerged as a well-accepted fact that mobile shopping has emerged as a growing trend, especially in developing economies.  Customers have become accustomed to using their mobile devices on the go for everything ranging from product research to making eventual purchases. Apart from offering an optimised mobile application and a mobile site to assist customers, call centres have also advised their clients to consider offering in-depth assistance through messaging, as the channel is considered to be ideal for enabling quick and seamless purchases on the go.

Essence of secure payments

It is absolutely vital to earn customer trust, especially in areas where sales are involved. Making the payment procedure painless and secure by providing the customers with right tools and information will certainly be a step in the right direction. It is important to offer secure payment gateways with recognizable payment icons and offer password options as it will ensure customer’s privacy while completing a transaction.

Empowering customers with personal touch

With the changing market dynamics and the rising levels of competition in the market, personalising a customer experience is bound to have long-term impact on customer loyalty. As per a survey by leading call centres India,  nearly one-third of customers wished the shopping experience to be more personalised. Approximately, four fifth of the customers who had experienced customisation, agreed that personalisation influenced their decision in favor of a particular brand.

Customer centricity is the key

It is important to scrutinize every step along the customer journey as it would enable a brand with an in-depth understanding of whether the customer needs are being served. Is the new technology actually useful in improving the customer experience? Does the promotional actually help the customer achieve his/her goals? Is our usage of social media in sync with the current industry practices? In order to take major decisions in all the mentioned aspects, call centres India, Nepal and Bhutan have taken rapid strides to improve the overall experience of the customers.

Having discussed all the major factors, it can be derived that engaging your customer at every step of the way might not be an easy task, but once tracked on the right path, can surely take any business setup to unimaginable heights.

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